What other advanced settings can I control for each page?


When Editing a Basic Page, a Category, or any other record with a "Page Settings" tab there are several settings available for advanced users.

  1. SEO: by default, the browser page title will be the title of the page, but if you want the browser page title to be unique, with additional keywords, you can add a custom browser page title here. You should also include custom keywords and description that are unique to the specific content of your page. This can seriously boost your Page Rank if your keywords are carefully chosen and accurately reflect the content of your page.
  2. Security Access: by default all pages are public, but if you want to restrict access to any page on your site, and only make it available to visitors with accounts, you can specify the access level of the page. If you select an access level from the list, only accounts that have been assigned that access level will be able to access the page. By default, every account has "Basic" access.
  3. Header Images: most website designs include some sort of an image area in the design of all pages, usually at the top of the page. Usually, this area is "dynamic" and you have the option of adding a custom image to each specific page if you want. So your page about "Our History" may have a historical photo of your building, while your page about "Our Philosophy" may have a photo of your customers. If you select multiple photos, the site will usually choose one of the photos randomly overtime the page loads (sometimes good for variety).
  4. Custom CSS: for advanced users that want to create custom CSS classes for their pages, you can enter valid CSS in the "CSS Code" field, and those classes will be available in your custom HTML pages.
  5. Custom Javascript: for advanced users that want to create custom Javascript for their pages, you can enter valid Javascript in the "Javascript Code" field, and the page will execute that Javascript on page load.
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