How can I create a basic page?


  1. Go to the Basic Pages Section: on your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "My Pages".
  2. Create a Basic Page: above the list, area click the big "Add" button to add a new record.
    • On the Edit page enter a "Page Title" and "Friendly URL".
    • Using the Visual Editor, you can create a page that has all the basic content you want. In the same way, you would use your favorite Word Processing program, use this Visual Editor to write paragraphs of information, add headers and titles to organize the content, add links and lists, stylize words with bold, italics and underline, add images, slideshows, videos, and maps, etc.
    • If you are an advanced user, you can switch to "Code View" and edit the HTML code directly.
  3. Add Page to Menu: under the "Menu" tab, select where you want this page to appear in the menu, and give your link a name.
  4. When you are finished click "Create" and your page will be published to the website, accessible from the link you added to your menu.

TIP: If you are going to be doing a lot of writing, we highly recommend you write your text in an offline Word Processing file and save a copy locally, rather than typing everything online, because sometimes you may have a bad internet connection or your browser might have a glitch and you could lose all your work if you save during one of those rare glitches. So if you write your basic text content offline, you can then copy and paste it into this editor for final styling.

NOTE: When you paste text it into the Visual Editor, use the little paste icons (clipboard icon with a T or W) to paste as "Plain Text" (strips all styles) or "Word Text" (which preserves basic styles). You should NEVER paste directly into the text area because your computer will paste in a lot of hidden HTML code that is not standards-compliant and this could break your site. So always use the paste icons.

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