How do I manage my menu or link to new pages?



  1. Add a Link from the Menu Page: The most obvious way to add a new link to your site is to go to the "Menu" section of your site and then click the bright orange "Add" button above your menu list. Then add a link name, pick which page you want to link to, and choose where the link should appear in your menu (choose a "parent" link, usually one of the main sections). Voila, it's done, your site now has a link to that page.
  2. Add a Page and Assign to Menu: When you add pages to your site, you have the option to immediately assign the page to the menu at that time. You'll see a "Menu" tab, at the top of the editing page, and in that tab you'll see your main menu options that let you name the link and chose where it appears in your menu structure.

No matter where you add the link from, you can edit it from either location. It's just two ways of doing the same thing, depending on your work flow at any given time.

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