How to customize the layout of a basic page?



The problem with Basic Pages is that you are probably not a professional designer, so your pages may look like boring documents instead of dynamic, rich web pages. If this is an important page, we recommend you hire our team to professionally design the page. But if it's just a regular page, or you are on a budget, we have given you some easy tools to spice up the design.

When Editing a Basic Page:

  1. Click the "Extras" tab and you will see some special fields for adding content, e.g. pullout quotes, lists, headings, subheadings, etc. When you add text to any of these fields we will insert this special content into the design and surround your basic content with these extra features. Suddenly your page will look much more professionally designed, even if you aren't a designer or you don't know HTML. Try it and see the results.
  2. We offer two basic layout options for arranging these extra featured content areas. You can switch between both options and see which layout you prefer.  Some organizations may wish to hire our designers to create alternative custom designed "Basic Page" templates that can be utilized for different areas of their sites (e.g. "Top Level Landing Pages", "Secondary Information Pages", "Featured Product Pages", etc). This can give more diversity to the site, without minimal effort to create or maintain.

Adding Images to a Page

See our article "How do I insert images into a page and how do I control the size" for more details.


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