How do I promote content with a Promo Module?


Promo modules allow you to control the content of specialized promotional areas of your site. Most designs include one or more promotional areas on the home page and every site allows you to place promotional modules in the sidebar of secondary pages. Promo Modules come in many different flavors, from simple areas that allow you to write custom text, to more specialized modules that automatically display upcoming events from your calendar, or the most recent uploaded multimedia, or the latest news, blog or articles, or one of your featured properties, or a MLS quick search form, etc.

Promo Modules are extremely helpful tools for managing the traffic flow of your site so that visitors attention is drawn to the most important information you want them to learn or actions you want them to perform.

  1. Finding Where Promo Modules Appear: You should first know whether or not your website has promo module areas included in the design, and if it does, where they are located. If you are using one of our Free Design Skins, you can go to the "Design" page (on your Admin home page, or the expandable "Tool Dock", click on the big icon that says "Design"). At the bottom of that list of design elements, you should see a section that says "Promo Modules" accompanied by an image and text that describes where the promo module is located on the home page, and which spaces are assigned to which area.
  2. Adding a Promo Module: On your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "Promo Modules". Above the list area click the big "Add" button to add a new Promo Module.
  3. Choose Module Type: Depending on your subscription and the type of features you have activated, you will see a list of Module types available. The names should be self explanatory, so pick the best one and click "Create". See related How-To articles for more information about specific modules types.
    NOTE: You cannot change the type of Promo Module after it's created, so if you need a different module in the future, you will need to delete (or inactivate) it and create a new one in it's place.
  4. Enter Module Information: After you've chosen the desired type of module, you will see a list of input fields that are relevant to that specific type. Read the Help popups next to any fields that you have questions about.
  5. Choose Module Location: assign the desired "Location" for this module, e.g. "Home Page" or "Sidebar".
  6. Choose Module Space: Every website design has different module allowances, so you may have one or more spaces to choose from. You can generally assign more than one module to a single space, each module will just stack below the previous one. But it's usually not recommended to assign more than one module, because it will often not look good.
  7. Check How it Looks: After you save your module, be sure to check what it looks like live on your site. You may need to go back and modify your settings for that module, add more or less text, choose a different image, etc. There are a lot of settings available, and promo modules can go bad real quick if you aren't careful.

NOTE: Promo Modules will display your data in generic feature specific templates. But if you need some special format for your module, we can create custom templates that fit your custom design.

Below is a some of our Promo Modules (more modules may have been added since this was written). We have a few articles that cover some of these modules in more depth. For those that do not have tutorials though, we encourage you to simply read the Help bubbles and we're sure you'll figure it out.)




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