How can Realtors add personal properties to their website?


The Personal Properties feature allows you to manually manage your own list of properties, as opposed to relying on the automated MLS listings feature. There are several advantages to manually managing your own property list, including promoting pocket listings that are not listed on the MLS, providing exclusive content (photos, videos, documents, etc), and creating a solid portfolio of your past achievements (since many MLS don't provide Sold properties in their stream). 




  1. Gutensite Control Panel --> Content --> Properties --> Add New
  2. Property Status:  active, pending, sold, coming soon, etc.
  3. List Page:  This will let the Gutensite system know which pages you’d like the property to be displayed.  Select the desired option from the column on the left, then click on the + to move it to the right.  For the example, the property will only be seen on the Recently Sold page, under the Sold link.

  1. Address:  Enter the property's address.
  2. Friendly URL:  Allow the system to create the URL.  It will be based on the Address.
  3. Fill in the other fields for city, state, postal code.
  4. If you'd like this property grouped into a specific Community, then either select from the existing list, e.g, Redwood Shores.
  5. Class:  Residential
  6. Title:  This is what will be displayed in the search results.  If you leave it blank, then the results will show the address.
  7. Description:  Add details that make this property unique.
  8. Select Image --> Add Image
    1. If you're going to add more than one image, then it is best to have them in a Category.
      1. Gutensite Control Panel --> Image --> Categories --> Add New
      2. Category Name:  Use the property address for the name.
      3. Nested Order:  Properties Images
      4. Create
    2. Switch to the Upload tab.
    3. Select Category:  Use the Category for the property.
    4. Browse Files:  A pop-up window will appear where you can select the desired images.
    5. There will be a preview of the images seen in the box.
    6. Upload Now.  This will save the images to your account.
  9. Create.


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