How can I display multiple offices on our locations map?



By default the locations map (e.g. will display a marker at the single address you have associated with your site (edit under Admin > Site Info). And it will give visitors an opportunity to map directions to this location, and view in street view.

But if you multiple locations you can display all your locations on the same map, and let people choose which location they want to directions to. The Map and Directions page will also display the contact information for each of your locations so it's conveniently available without any customization.


  1. Go to your Promo Modules.
  2. Add one or more new "Location" modules with the contact information for each location.
  3. Specify the location of the module to be either a preferred location (page, sidebar, home page, etc) or "Unassigned" if you don't want it showing up anywhere.
  4. You do not need to create a location module for the same address as your main site contact info. But if you do, it will use the module because it has additional features/information available. There will not be duplicates of the same address.
  5. After you've created location modules, the Map and Directions page will pull that information automatically and display it on the map.
  6. Done.



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