Can I insert a third party widget or basic text in a module area?


The Featured Content Promo Module is a flexible feature that you can use for almost any purpose. It allows you to add basic text or advanced HTML into a promo area, e.g. write simple welcome text, or insert a third party widget directly into the HTML.

  1. Add a Promo Module: On your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "Promo Modules". Above the list area click the big "Add" button to add a new Promo Module. Then select "Promo: Featured Content" as the module type.
  2. Name Your Module: Give your module an optional title. If you provide a title and a destination link, the title will turn into a link.
  3. Blurb: Enter your basic text, or toggle to the code view and insert third party HTML. Be careful when you insert HTML because it can mess up your design if it's bad HTML. Also be careful when inserting third party HTML or Javascript into the code view because it could be malicious or it could just not be compatible with existing Javascript on your site.
  4. Allow HTML: by default the module will strip out advanced HTML because it often conflicts with the established styles of your site. But if you need to insert the HTML as you wrote it, you can select this option and we will not strip out the HTML. It is not advised to check this box, unless you know HTML, because it could have unintended consequences.

  5. Link to Page: If you want this featured content module to link to a page on your site, select the page from the list (also don't forget to add a Title or a Link Button).
  6. Link Button: If you want a button that links to another page (aside from the module Title), enter the words that the button should display.
  7. Save the module and it will appear on your site. Test the results and make sure everything works the way you want it to.
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