Can I display a list of my visitor's recently viewed properties?

If you would like visitors to see a list of their recently viewed properties, you may add this module to your home page or sidebar.

  1. Add a Promo Module: On your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "Promo Modules". Above the list area click the big "Add" button to add a new Promo Module. Then select "Property: Recently Viewed" as the module type.
  2. Name Your Module: Give your module a title that describes what this is a list of, e.g. "My Recent Properties". If you don't provide a title, it will be titled "Recently Viewed".
  3. Display Count: You can select the number of recently viewed properties that should show up in the list. Depending on the content, this number should probably remain quite low. Visitors can click through the full list if they want.
  4. Link to More Info: The module will include a link to the full page of recently viewed properties. By default this button will say "See Full List", but if you want it to say something different, you may enter your own text.
  5. Save the module and it will appear on your site. The module will now keep track of the properties that visitors have looked at.
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