Can I add a module that promotes all the upcoming events in my calendar?

The Calendar Module allows you to display a list of upcoming events (limited to the next 2 months).

  1. Add a Promo Module: On your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "Promo Modules". Above the list area click the big "Add" button to add a new Promo Module. Then select "Calendar: Upcoming Events" as the module type.
  2. Name Your Module: Give your module a name that describes the events, e.g. "Upcoming Events" or "Kids Schedule".
  3. Restrict Events by Category: You can restrict the list of upcoming events by one or more Calendar categories if you wish, so that only events from those categories will be included in the list.
  4. Display Count: You can select the number of events that should show up in the list. Usually you should limit this count to a number that fits into the module area of your design without being too long of a list.
  5. Date Format: Pick how you prefer the date to be formatted.
  6. Truncate Length: Determine whether you want a description of the event (in addition to the event title), and if so how many characters should show up. Keep in mind this is a limited area, so keep description to a minimum.
  7. Link to Full Calendar: If you want to include a link to the full calendar, you may enter a name for the button, e.g. "See Full Calendar".


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