Can I still use the FLV format?


Our video players will still play old FLV encoded videos, for any browser that supports Flash. But we do not recommend this format anymore, since it is not compatible with many of the new smartphones and other mobile devices (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android, etc). If you have FLV videos, some visitors may not be able to watch them. But if you use the new MP4 format, you will ensure maximum compatibility and access to your videos. Most video editing software will export as MP4.

See our FAQ on Multimedia Formats for more advice.

If you are creating your own videos, and your video software does not have the ability to export as MP4, you can find plenty of video software that will encode as MP4 (H264 video and MP3 audio). Owning your own encoding software will pay for itself very quickly if you are needing to encode videos regularly.

If you don't plan on encoding videos on a regular basis, we are glad to encode and upload your videos for you. Please export the video in Quicktime format at the resolution (size) and quality you want the video to display on your website, and then post it to our FTP server.

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