How to Benefit from Predesigned Pages for Specialized Content


We have created many prebuilt pages for your site that we refer to as, Specialized Content pages. These pages display specific types of content to your visitors in a carefully designed format. For example we have a Profiles feature that lets you use a simple Administrative page to easily add team profiles to the database. Then the public Profiles page on your site displays all your team profiles in a list, with names, bios, contact info, photos, and more, all beautifully presented to your visitors. Other Specialized Content pages include features like "Blogs", "News", "Articles", "FAQ", "Calendar", "Discussion Forums", "User Forms", "Portfolios", "Testimonials", "Multimedia and Documents Libraries", "Community Info", "MLS Listings", "Personal Properties", "Service Directory", "Link Lists", etc. 

These prebuilt Specialized Content pages provide instant advanced functionality on your site, with minimal effort and expertise required, and in the process save you a lot of time. All the buttons on your Admin home page represent the types of Specialized Content that are available for your use. So for example, when you decide you want to display some testimonials on your site, simply click on the big "Testimonials" button and you'll be ready to go.

Specialized Content pages do not allow you to edit the layout of the page directly, because the pages are assembled from dynamic database information and we want to make sure things keep looking good on your website. Advanced users may edit the "Page Settings" on any page to add a paragraph of text or other content above or below the dynamic content area (this can be helpful in some situations). See the "Basic Pages > Advanced Page Settings" page for more information.

For clients who need the Specialized Content to conform to some other design format or functionality, we can create a customized version for you that meets your specific requirements.  Or if you are a designer, you can access the Design Files directly and modify the HTML and CSS.  (See How do I edit HTML and CSS to make custom changes to my website design? for more details.)

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