How To Use our Javascript Libraries for Advanced Effects

We have a simple GFX (Gutensite FX) Library that allows you to create simple effects like hiding and revealing content. Or for advanced user you can write your own Javascript on any page, and if you want you can utilize the current version of the Mootools Library that is loaded on your site.

Mootools Library

Advanced users can go to the Advanced tab when editing any page and write their own Javascript and CSS to style and create interactivity on a page. The Mootools library is available when writing any of your javascript and this opens up a great world of possibilities. If you need advanced javascript though, talk to us because we may be able to create a more 'stable' codebase for your site.

Gutensite FX Library

We have a simple Library, based on Mootools, that allows you to add FX to your page by simply specifying a CSS Class for that element. This is somewhat advanced, and will require you to work with the HTML, but for the intrepid it will be worth the effort.

First you have to enable the GFX Library on your site. Go to  your Admin > Site Info page and find the Add-Ons section then enable the GFX Library.

To see a demo of these functions, please click here.

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