How can I integrate Google Analytic's Ecommerce Tracking?


It's super easy to enable Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking on your Gutensite. Our ecommerce store has Google Analytics tracking integrated with the checkout process, so we'll assume that you are already subscribed to our store (if not, you can upgrade yourself or call us to upgrade for you).


  1. Login to your Google Analytics account and edit the "Profile Settings".
  2. Mark "Yes, an Ecommerce Site".
  3. Read Google's Instructions for more Details.


  1. Login to your Gutensite account, and go to Admin > Tools > Analytics. If you haven't created a Google Analytics account, click Add or Edit.
  2. Select the Service "Google Analytics (ga.js) w/ Sales" (if you already have Google Analytics activated, convert over to this service, which does traditional and ecommerce analytics together).
  3. Make sure you have your Google Analytics ID entered (this is called your "Property ID" in Google Analytics and it should look something like this "UA-1234567-1").

This will add the necessary code to start collecting ecommerce data on all sales. After a sale is completed, the purchase is recorded with Google Analytics and the data is available for Filtering, Conversion Goals, etc.


Google Analytics has a lot of powerful features that can be customized to improve your marketing optimization and conversion tracking. We can help you customize your site to record data whenever certain actions are completed, e.g. Products Added to Cart, Details Page Viewed, Video Played, etc. Contact us for more information.

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