How can I make a page that lists MLS properties in a specific neighborhood?

If you want to add pages to your site that list all the properties in specific neighborhoods or with specific predefined filters, you can create "MLS Target Area" pages. If you predefine a Target Area then your visitors can just click on a link for their neighborhood of interest and get the results instantly without having to input their own criteria. From that page, they can modify the search if they want to expand or alter it.

  1. Go to the MLS Section: on your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "MLS".
  2. Add an MLS Target Area Page: above the list of your Target Areas, click the big "Add" button to add a new MLS Target Area. On the Edit page, fill out all the requested information (e.g. "Area Name", "Location", "Min/Max Price", etc.).
  3. More Advanced Options: look under the "Advanced" tab for many other powerful settings. Read the Help popup next to each option for more information.
  4. Add Page to Menu: under the "Menu" tab, select where you want this page to appear in your menu, and give the link a name.
  5. Click the "Create" button save the new target area. You will then have a page on your site that has all the properties that match your predefined filters.


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