How can I specify what types of search options are available on the MLS Search page?


The MLS also has Service specific settings (in case you stream MLS data from several MLS organizations).

  1. Go to the MLS Section: on your Admin home page (or the expandable "Tool Dock") click on the big icon that says "MLS".
  2. Service Specific Settings: in the Admin Sidebar click the "Services" link. This will show you a list of all the MLS Services you are subscribed to. You can control additional settings for each service. Click to Edit the desired service, and read the Help popup next to each option for more information about what each setting does.
  3. Property Types: To control what types of properties people are allowed to search for (e.g. Residential, Condo, etc), select the specific Property Types you specialize in.

We recommend you fill out all the requested information, including your agent name, agent id, so that the MLS pages can give special treatment to your own properties.

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