How to add a Custom Domain Name



By default, the name given to a customer’s account uses the * domain that was selected during signup, e.g.,  Some customers leave this as-is, but others would prefer to have a URL with their name or branding.  In such cases, a custom domain name can be added to the account configuration.


Purchase a domain name from Gutensite


For a $50/year fee, a custom domain name can be purchased and maintained by Gutensite.  


From the Control Panel, select Admin → Tools → Domains.  Click on the “Add new” button, then fill in the form with the desired domain name.  That’s all that is needed. Within five minutes, the domain should load your Gutensite website.


Gutensite will setup DNS records for your domain to point your web traffic to your website’s server, your MX records to your email server, and any other DNS settings that may be needed.


It usually takes anywhere between 20 minutes and a couple of hours for the changes to take effect, but it can be as long as 72 hours to propagate these changes throughout the Internet.  


Managing your own domain name

Domain names can be purchased through third-parties, and hosted by customers themselves.  Such domains will need to point to your registrar’s Name Servers, and the DNS records will need to be updated.  


We recommend that you enter your desired domain in the Gutensite Control Panel (so we are prepared to receive and associate the domain with your website) before making the DNS changes at your domain registrar. This can be done by going to the Admin → Site Info, then filling in the “Enter Domain Name” field.  (NOTE: This field will be automatically populated with the default domain.)  Once done, Save the configuration.


Next, you'll need to edit the DNS records for your domain.  For most people these records are managed at your Domain Registrar (where you bought the domain).  You will want to edit those records to create or edit the records so they look like the example below.  But, you will need to use for your personal DNS settings (and IP Address) by looking at the Gutensite Control Panel under Support --> Domain & DNS Settings.  If you still need help, then ask your domain registrar for help, after all that's what you pay them for.





A (example)



If you intend to use the domain name for email, then the DNS MX record needs to point to your mail server.  SPF records may also be required to make sure there aren’t any delivery problems.


Enterprise-level clients who need redundant failover servers should contact Gutensite to discuss professional DNS hosting.


If the Gutensite system detects incorrect DNS settings, we will display an error to notify you that your DNS records need to be corrected. 

Transfer ownership of a domain name to Gutensite

If you subscribe to our Premium Domain & DNS Management service, domain names purchased through third-parties can be transferred to Gutensite for configuration, renewal and/or ongoing maintenance.  


To initiate a transfer, contact Gutensite for an authorization form.  You must respond to the form with confirmation of your authorization and intent to transfer.  If no response is received, then the transfer will not proceed. Once you provide authorizing, the gaining registrar will process the transfer request.


You will receive another request for confirmation.  This may seem like a duplicate, but it’s in place for your protection to guard against unauthorized transfers to your domain name.  After this confirmation has been received, then Gutensite can complete the transfer, which takes approximately 5 days to complete.


For additional information, please see the ICANN resource page regarding domain transfers.  

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