Can I add third party traffic tracking and statistics code to my website?


Yes you can setup tracking and statistics code on your website. We recommend Google Analytics. It's free, it's very powerful, and we already have an easy way to make it work with your site. But we also have other tracking software options available or we can custom install code just for you.

Setting up Google Analytics

To make Google Analytics work, you first need a free Google Analytics account.

    1. Go to:
    2. Create a new account by clicking Sign Up Now button, or Login to an existing account.
    3. Follow their setup instructions.
    4. Get Tracking ID.

Alternatively if you are on the Google Analytics Control Panel and enter the 'Admin' tab, find website account you wish to in the select box and click Tracking Info > Tracking Code under 'Property'. This takes you to the page with instructions how to "install" the tracking code. At the top of this page, there is an area with your "Tracking Status Information". Find the field that says "Tracking ID", this is the ID you need to copy.


Setting up Tracking on Your Website

  1. Login to the Gutensite Control Panel.
  2. Switch to the Admin tab, then the Tools icon.
  3. Click on Analytics on the left.
  4. Add New.
  5. Select the desired Service.  The default is Google Universal Analytics.
  6. Enter the Google Analytics Tracking ID in the Account ID box.
  7. Create.

Confirm Status

Now you'll have to wait for 24 hours for google to acquire enough tracking data on your site. You can go back into your google account and check the status of the tracking code, to make sure it worked. Login and enter the 'Admin' tab, find website account you wish to in the select box, and click Tracking Info > Tracking Code under 'Property'. Beside your "Tracking ID" is "Status" that should say "Receiving Data". If it doesn't you should be able to tell it to "Send test traffic" to determine if everything is setup properly.

You can also use the Google Tag Assistant to make your sure Google tags are working correctly.

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