My existing domain is pointing to an old website, so how can I see the new website you are building for me?



Your site has a shortcut that allows you to view your website on our servers, even though your domain name is still pointed to another server. When you first signed up you selected a shortcut name. You can edit this in your Admin Control Panel under "Edit Site" > "Site Info" if you want to. Once you know what this is, you can view your site at that shortcut. If your shortcut is "goodbusiness" then your url will be:

This will display your site on our servers so that you can check in on the progress and get the content setup just the way you want it before we switch the domains and go live. There may be cases where some of the image paths that you manually insert do not display properly occasionally, because the images reside on your server account not the server account. But it will usually look fine and those things will clear up after you switch servers.

The best way to test for real is to purchase a secondary domain name that no one uses or knows about and point it to your site for the development period.

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