How do I add RealScout widgets to my site?


RealScout is a full-featured search platform for real estate agents to collaborate with their clients.  

First, your subscription needs to be for "Growth" or higher.  A list of subscription packages and their benefits can be found here.  To verify which subscription is enabled for your account, log into the Gutensite Control Panel, switch to the Billing tab, then click on the Subscriptions link on the left.  Use the Upgrade Options link to switch subscriptions.  

Next, your site's emphasis needs to be set for "Realtor".  To do this, switch to the Admin tab, then select Extra.  The first option is Site Emphasis.  Use the pull-down menu to change to Realtor, then Save.  If you signed up as a realtor, then this was automatically done for you.

The last step is to switch to the Admin tab, then select Tools.  On the left is a link for Third PartyRealScout should be the first option on the list.  Add your username, then Save.  

The RealScout Widgets link should then be available by switching to the Content tab, then selecting Properties

To add a widget, click on the Add New button.  

Select the desired Type, then Create.  





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