Can I use Facebook Pixel on my site?


You're more than welcome to send us the Facebook Pixel code but Gutensite actually has built-in support for Facebook Pixel. 

To use Gutensite's built in Facebook Pixel feature:

  • Go to the "Admin" tab of your control panel
  • Click the "Tools" option
  • Switch over to the "Analytics" tab on the left
  • Click "Add New" in the top right
  • Change the service to Facebook Pixel and enter the account code (you can get this from the Facebook Pixel dashboard)

This will install the Facebook Pixel code on each page, but will only track the PageView Events.

And, if you would like to verify the Facebook Pixel's placement on your site, you can install this add-on for Chrome:


We're also always happy to add any analytics tools to your website manually or using our built-in tools.

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