How do I change the font style and size?


We offer free pre-defined styles through our design skin templates.  However, there are certain sections of the website that allow for free-form text, and the editor includes the options for different formats.


But, if you want more flexibility, then can make a code change to the CSS design file, which has all of the styling for the main parts of your website.  This design file can be found by going to:

Gutensite Control Panel --> Content --> Design --> Design Files --> site --> CSS --> site.css



Please note there is no un-do when making changes to the design files, so please be sure you are familiar with CSS before proceeding.

If you're not up for changing the code, but still want a different font or style, then you can request a custom design project for a fee.

Gutensite Control Panel --> Content --> Design --> Switch Design Skins --> Request Custom Design 

Gutensite team members will contact you for details on your request.



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