How to Create a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service


Every website is legally required to have an accurate Privacy Policy (see our article about GDPR) that informs your visitors what information you collect and how you use that data. You should also have a Terms of Service agreement if you sell products or services. And a Cookie Consent notice.

How To Write a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Every Gutensite includes a default Privacy Policy and Terms of Service that you should edit or replace (with the consultation of your lawyer), to ensure that you are legally compliant.

If you don't have a lawyer, you may look online for professional services that can help you construct a generic policy (which may not protect you as well as lawyer generated documents). We do not endorse any service, but for convenience we include the following links that others have recommended:

Next Steps

After you have a Privacy Policy, see our related article on how to update the legal language on your website.

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