How can I update the legal language on my website?


Once you have custom Privacy Policy, Term of Service, or Cookie Consent Notification language, you can follow the following steps to update the language on your website:

  • Sign in to your Gutensite Admin control panel:
  • Click the "Admin" link from the main top menu, then click the "Site Info" icon button in the body of the page, and on the edit page that opens click the "legal" tab.
  • Click to toggle on the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Service" links in your footer.
  • Click to toggle on the "Cookie Consent Notice".
  • Save your settings.
  • After saving, click the sidebar link for "Legal Disclaimers".
  • Paste in your custom Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, or Cookie Consent language. 
  • Save.

NOTE: If you don't add custom legal language, the generic defaults will be used instead, but there is no guarantee that these default language will be sufficient for your use.

See our related article with advice how to write a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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