How do I activate an SSL Certificate for my site?


What are the benefits of SSL?

In summary, an SSL Certificate will make sure that your visitor's information and activities are secured and safe from injection attacks, stealing private data, or browsing activity. This protection is rewarded by Google giving your site a small search engine ranking boost. And having a secure site will help you site look professional and trustworthy (browsers will display a "secure" mark in the tab, instead of a negative warning). In addition, when your site uses SSL, it allows the browser and server to take advantage of HTTP 2.0, which allows asynchronous downloading of resources (e.g. 100 images and CSS Files at a time instead of 1 image after the other time).



For most people, you don't need to do anything. We automatically enable SSL on your site, and all traffic will be redirected to the secure version. If you want to double-check, go to your Gutensite Control Panel  --> Support --> Domain & DNS Settings, then review the section that says "Secured Domains (SSL)".  




If you see an error on any domains in your Gutensite Control Panel, it's probably caused by a domain still be pointing to an old "bounce server" or incorrect DNS settings. That page will explain what the correct DNS records should be.

Be aware, that if you have some pages on your site that are hard linking to any "http://" resources (e.g. images, iframes) then the page will not be secure. Most browsers shouldn't show a warning, but they will remove your "secure" badge and when looking at details they'll explain why it's not secure.  Some browsers will display a very scary looking warning that says the site cannot be trusted.

To find the http:// hard links on your page, you can use a tool like  Give it the URL and it will tell you which objects on the page are not using SSL.

Those pages should be easy to correct. But even if you don't correct them, they are just the same level of security as if you didn't enable SSL. 


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