Can I add Instagram to my website?


Yes!  There are a wide variety of Instagram widgets available on the 'Net, and may of them are free.  The one we like is, but most widgets should work on the Gutensite platform. InstaWidget allows for setting the width, adding a follow button, displaying the number of followers, etc.  Once the widget has been generated, you'll receive an embed code the looks a bit like this:

<!-- InstaWidget -->

<a href="" id="link-a95ea422a31148659ed6f1ea">@_sample12345</a>

<script src=""></script>

To add the embed code to your site:

  1. Gutensite Control Panel → Content → Custom Page → Add New
  2. Give the page a Title.
    1. The system will automatically generate the Friendly URL.
  3. Set the desired Menu Location, e.g., Home Page, Module Area 3.
  4. Under Page Content, switch to Code View
  5. Paste the embed code in the field.
  6. Save


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