How do I create a personal Profile for my site?

Here are the steps to create a personal Profile for your site.

1.  Gutensite Control Panel --> Content --> Profiles --> Add New
2.  Under Category, select "Profiles", then click on the + button in between to move the category from the left to the right column.

3.  Under Name, enter your own name, as you'd like visitors to see.  
4.  Allow the system to create the Friendly URL for you.
5.  For the Description, enter any text you'd like your visitors to know about you.  
6.  In the fields below, enter any additional information for your address, phone number, position, etc.
7.  Select Images --> Add Images --> Upload

a.  Click on the Select Category pull-down menu, then choose "Profile Images".

b.  Click on the Browse Files button.  A pop-up window will appear where you can select the image file for your photo.

c.  Click on the Upload Now button.


8.  If you're a real estate agent, switch to the Advanced tab.

a.  Enter your realtor's license ID number, and license title (BRE, DRE, etc.).
10.  Enter the URLs for any social media you would like visitors to know about.
11.  Create

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