Images load fine in preview, but not on live blog

If you've copied images and text from another source, odds are the image is just being referenced via a URL, and hasn't been added to your Gutensite Control Panel.  You can see if this is the case by editing the blog post, then switching to <code view> in the Article Content section.  Look for something that starts with <img src=  If the next bit has an external URL, then this is where the problem lies.  

Gutensite offers SSL for all of our clients.  SSL is a security feature that helps keep hackers at bay.  You can tell a site is using SSL when you see https in the URL.  Once a site starts using SSL, then every element within that site must also use SSL.  Any time there's a mixture of the two, the browser will either refuse to load the non-secure content (http), or will throw a scary warning that might drive visitor's away.

Most of the time, you can simply add the "s" to every instance of http on the blog post.  But, this only works if the original site has SSL enabled.  You can copy one of the URLs, paste it into a browser, then add the "s" to use https.  If the image displays, then SSL has been enabled.  If not, then this trick won't work.

The next-best option is to download the images from the original site, then upload them into the blog post. Place your cursor to the right of the existing image, then use the back-space or delete key to delete it.  Next, click on the icon that looks like a camera.  A pop-up window will appear.  The default is to assume you want to up upload the image:


Once the form has been filled out, click on the Submit button.  The image should appear in the blog post. 

Please note, the image might not be the right size for the blog post.  If that's the case, go ahead and remove it from the Article Content, then click on the camera icon again.  Instead of upload, select the tab for Image Library.  Click on the "use" button for the desired image.  You'll be presented options for Size and Alignment.  The Gutensite Platform tries to resize images into generic sizes such as Small, Medium, large, etc.  You might have to play around with the size selection until you find one that fits your blog post best.  

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